90’s Revival

So with a lot of encouragement I’ve decided to be true to myself and start from scratch. Well not exactly, I’ve always been a secret watercolour lover 😀 I also love working with different media so with some inspiration from my favorite singer/songwriter Ester Dean and artist Kate Knight, I decided to finally finish a design for a good friend Lteisha. She’s a makeup artist; and of course we artists have to help each other out so I broke my I WILL STICK TO READY MADES! mantra and allowed the geist to take control. Something in me is just yearning for the 90s So it was obvious that I’d have that vibe, partnered with Ester Dean’s flow the outcome was destined to be retro 90s. So as I’m sure you are all aware I’m obsessed with a particular colour pallet.

So I thought I’ll wing it and see what I can create. OH WORD OF ADVICE do not be fooled by your eyes when buying artist quality paints you mistake to be the primary colours red, blue & yellow. I’m sure you’ve done what I did in the past and mixed all types of combinations and still didn’t get the colours you desired, well HAVE NO FEAR! I’ll let you in on a secret most artists keep to themselves (probably thinking it’s something new 😛 ) The holy painting trinity is: Process Cyan, Process Magenta, and Processed Yellow 😀 with these three colours you can make all types (Hues) of colour, which is why your standard printer uses cyan magenta and yellow then standard primary red, blue & yellow. You can then mess around with your desired gradient tone by adding black or white to your colour mixture. So yeah started painting again in water colours, this is one outcome, I hope to perfect this technique and produce more mixed media mash ups. Visit Lteisha’s Hair and Beauty Page She’s one to look out for! https://www.facebook.com/lteishamccoy?fref=ts



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