Site Specific

So to kick-start our second semester we are yet again paired up in groups of two creating work; our first topic is site specific. Now of course there are many ways we could interpret this  but we had to stick to the very basic understanding of the term ‘Site SPECIFIC’. This time I’ve been partnered up with Fred Conybeare-cross (thank you facebook) an amazing artist who has a traditional mind set so we gel well. Fred took pictures of the environment surrounding our campus building and found this great building with an overhang supported by nothing, so it was like a scene when you hear a heavenly choir humming in the background as you stare at the highlighted answer to your prayer O_O” We then began to think of ideas of how we could create work under this space, started sketching and came up with the same idea!!!!! and this was the outcome. I didn’t collect Fred’s shots but here’s my amateur attempt once again.




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