Let the Fun BEGIN!

So today was the day I FINALLY GOT TO PAINT MY WORK! It felt great to see the first coat of paint go on the wall. Now my art is all about the layers (no reference to Shrek) I always start with the base material and work my way to the end. To see the first bit of work go up had me feeling emotional. For the first time I’m making a personal connection with my artwork (I mean I always have but it was always HATE, as I would find myself stuck on technique) But this time I’m letting the work evolve. Of course I have an idea of the end result, but this time I don’t have to care about making the image in my head. The art should just flow (OH JESUS I’m a HIPPY)  So here’s what I have done so far. I am still keeping with traditional values though, starting from dark and working to light 😀 Sorry for the bad image quality, my laziness allows me to only have my phone camera at hand.



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