Great place and I swear you get a great photo with every canal. Now that first year is over I GET TO DO WHATEVER I WANT >:`D However with no project on at the moment I’ll be uploading the photos I took whilst on holiday. Venice is something special and I can see why people speak so much of it. I’ve made so many memories in such a short time in the city and plan to visit again sometime in the near future, there’s still places I’m yet to explore. Of course I made sure I went to the main tourist areas, next trip will hopefully be Venice as the locals see it. And for the first time I experienced just how ruthless pigeons can really be! These flew towards you especially if you had food in your hand, and why people would want to take pictures with them I’ll never understand, of course I was ambushed but it was all for the photos. I’m thinking of painting some of these photos, but with my current mindset I’m still yet to figure out what style of painting I want to adapt.



3 thoughts on “Venice

  1. it sounds like you had a good time….i would love to have gone but didnt have the cash so alas another trip i had to give up on. I did go to Venice once when i was 15, but only for 10 mins as i got off a cruise ship and went on a river boat, on the way to the airport. All i remember is that it was VERY smelly!….the drains…urgh! hopefully its much nicer now!

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