UCA carousel: Fine Art

As part of my univesity course I had to start a blog; just as well i started this one :D…. I first started with fine art continuing my environment project. For each project we had 1 week to complete a task set with a final piece at the end. The topic was “Wonderland,” though we didn’t have to take the Lewis Carroll route, the general idea was to create an environment that was an escape from reality. My play on wonderland was set in Elizabethan times. My twist was to have somenone of ethnic skin dressed up in Elizabethan clothing; not typical of that period as slaves were treated less than even house pets. It was an interesting idea as the whole appeal of wonderland was being in a place not familiar to your up-bringing; something that all immagrants have to do day to day. I never considered how different my life is until i had a good conversation with my mum, who told me about her background and our culture.

Knower days we change ourselves to adapted to our environments yet somehow we still have our very own cultural influences that never leave us; for this reason my final piece was painted on African (Zambian) Chitenge material, to relfect the ever present influence of culture in our lives.

This was how the Final piece was presented, i did initially have the triplet decsending but Ian wanted it this way :/. I added the silhouettes to add some contrast to the composition to help draw the viewers eyes to the piece, it also went well with the wonderland piece as the Lewis Carroll impression of his wonderland is often portrayed in a victorian setting.

Close up of the face

Full Close up of the central image.


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