UCA carousel: Visual Communication

First off I had NO IDEA THIS EXISTED… It was a great experience doing a subject of art that i never thought of. Vis Com is SO relevant to the art world of today as it includes illustration, advertising, fashion, graphic design etc.. My Topic was making a cup of tea; it didn’t have to be the literal meaning of physically making tea; it could have been expanded to where tea was first discovered where it’s grown etc. I chose to go with the where it’s grown route. I did my research recording my work as I went on; however it is only during my conversation with a tutor which changed my view completely about tea production. He told me of the hidden hardships of the tea making business and how workers would get virtually nothing according to western analysis; which is typical of raw material manufacture, where the true profit comes from the process of advertising and selling tea.

Tea leaves are naturally sharp and tiny as it’s the new shoots that are picked to make tea. Workers, after hours of picking, are left with cut, bloody hands, something I never thought would be an outcome of tea picking. It’s because of this why I wanted my final work to have this message of brutality, all in the pursue of cheap tea. My final piece was a series of posters with the slogan IT’S JUST BLOODY TEA as my way of communicating my message. I wanted to explore the different ways i could portray this, and if i had more days (as we only had a week šŸ˜” ) i would have produced more poster ideas applying the use of negative space as most of my compositions are quite busy; however the message is carried across as it shows the chaotic nature of tea production.

This was my initial idea having a visual hand in the poster, however i felt that this idea was to basic and GCSE… so i carried on exploring how i couldĀ compose the poster in a more commercial way while still haveing the message portrayed clearly.

I really enjoyed Vis Com and would have loved to explore more ways of manipulating this project, i tried adding tea to the actual poster and some compositions worked well.


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