UCA carousel: Fashion and Textiles

To be honest I did have my preconception of fashion and textiles; I didn’t like what most fashion stood for (expensive clothing that makes you look stupid) and wasn’t looking forward to this project. However once I got into it I found myself enjoying the subject; our brief was to create a fashion or textile outcome from a character or muse of our choice using old shoes and bags. I originally started by picking Will.I.Am as my muse creating a leather jacket, as most of my items where leather-based. I started making mini jackets due to the time, pinning bits of bag and shoe to make mini compositions.

It was from this exercise that I was able to figure out my final composition for my jacket which seemed to have a female silhouette due to the shape of the mannequin but the outcome wasn’t all that bad. My friend Sophia had done this project before me and has a better understanding of fashion than me; it was her who infromed me to work on the contour of the mannequin as the designs tend to reveal themselves after some manipulation. As I worked in miniature i had finished my first jacket; which then led me to further carry on producing two more jackets. Overall my precoception of fashion has completely as i never realised how much textiles influences my work, because of this i will always keep in mind a textiles outcome to some of my work. Below are the three jackets I produced for this project.

All compositions together


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