UCA carousel: 3D Design

I’ve learnt a lot from 3D design of what type of artist I am. I know that I like the idea of making something out of nothing so the idea of making something 3D was great. For this week I had to Make a 3D piece of work from a book that had influenced me in any way. I chose the Guiness World Records 2009 as  my starting point as i love pointless information; it contains facts that you don’t really need to know but could find interesting. As a child i would look through the whole book sometimes reading all the recordsm page by page, yet at the end i would forget 95% of the records set only remembering the most unusual and factoral records that interested me the most.

for my final piece i came up with the conclusion that the book just contained TOO MUCH INFORMATION… so my piece would reflect this.

This was my final piece for this project; the title being “Too Much Info” reflecting my observation of the book. My main inspiration was Su Blakwell who inspired me to include pieces such as the typography in the piece and the use of the 2D cut outs to make my final composition. The Pictures Below are of different views of the book 😀


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