UCA Carousel: Lens Based Media

This being the final project I did feel a bit lazy and my usual work ethic was lacking however it was during the later stages of the project that  began developing my ideas. Looking at one of the new artists whom I found interesting I wanted to create an installation based on early memories of me from a young age to the stage in at now. The project brief was I am Here, and I thought that having various images of my development would show the gradual progression of my life’s journey to where I am now. The earlier pictures of me were to be distorted and blury as these were memories that i wasn’t so sure of, yet as you progressed further to my later life the images would get clearer and cleaner until you reach the point were you just have a clear representation of ME as I am today. Sadly I didn’t have enough time to do so, yet it’s an idea I hope carry on this idea to my Fine Art project as that’s the pathway i would most likely enjoy. the images below however are images I took during the pathway exploring different photographic concepts.


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