Amsterdam Cont.

Following my trip to Amsterdam we were given a brief to create a mind map to best express, or at least summarise my trip to Amsterdam using various mediums and techniques. My end outcome was this….

I tried to ‘Summarise’ my experience on my 1m x 1m mood board. The red fabric on the bottom left represents my experience of the red light district, I found it funny how such a tiny portion of Amsterdam was highly amplified by everyone here in the UK when in actual fact it was pathetically short and uninteresting. My experience was all about the cultural side of Amsterdam, most importantly the Rijks Museum and the Van Gogh; which I must say is a DEFINITE MUST GO when your over there.  To represent this I made the most influential image Vermeer’s ‘The Milk Made’ take centre stage of my mood board as I really loved the Dutch Master’s work. But even more amazing was seeing a Van Gogh so close up, represented by the sun flowers painted on the right. The cropped map on the top right shows the path we took on the bike ride (7 HOURS!!!!!) but still it was amazing. We did visit the sculpture museum which wasn’t impressive for its sculpture garden (well for me anyway) but more so the Kroller Muller gallery (AMAZING) which showcases an impressive collection of art many of which I recognised as there are artists I always referred to in GCSE art. I also got the sence of consumerism as the branded shops we have here in the were everywhere in Amsterdam which corrupted my tourist view of Amsterdam, however i did get a bargain in H&M for two pairs of gloves. Below are some close up images of the mood board 😀


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