Grandma 2

Oh I’m learning how to drive :S only stalled twice  today :D. Anyway today for some reason I really felt the need to go back to the stage of painting my grandma; fueled by my monochromatic phase I wanted this piece to be in grayscale. From my last post I explained the situation my family faced the past two years. The painting is of my grandma at the memorial of both her husband and son, so she was in an emotional state. She doesn’t like showing her emotions but according to my mother who was present on the day she couldn’t control herself. The painting is of the final moments of the memorial, and it is evident that she was all cried out. The image was quiet haunting at first but it’s funny how our minds are unable to process human suffering for a long time unless you’ve been in that situation; resulting to empathy for the subject. Yes I lost my uncle and granddad but I cannot imagine the pain it caused my grandma.

The painting is in acrylic with a thinner on an A2 canvas, I love the control the thinner allows me to have with acrylic.

Back to Black

You know there is something wrong when you paint all night until you hear the birds sing -_O” So I’ve been working on this study with my camera obscura thinking oh thank you Jesus for this brilliant cheat; until I noticed the shadows in the image made up 50% of the entire composition -_- When an image is like this I prefer working from dark to light. Meaning I had to paint the whole canvas black….. meaning I would have to draw the whole of the composition by eye… so I basically wasted 45 minutes tracing something that was going to be covered up. I’m tired ok. So I spent 4 hours having to draw the rock formation by eye on a canvas I blacked out (fix it Jesus!). But the fun part is yet to come, as I get to play around with my oil paints; which I haven’t done in a while. I blacked out the canvas with a mixture of black and blue, not only does this create the illusion of depth; it is also going to help with the colour composition as the rock formation does have traces of orange moss. I love painting in my room. Studio space is cool and all, but there’s nothing like getting out of bed and picking up a brush.

Black Canvas

Getting There

So I’ve literally just got back from the studios and I’m exhausted! I wanted to get the main bit done. See I find that doing the hardest tasks first allows me to coast and enjoy the rest of the painting process. I’m so happy the worst is now behind me, now it’s just a case of putting the finishing touches. The student in me was ready to order a pizza but Dominos is shut -_- just when I needed them, and I’m the type of person that only has stuff that needs cooking for more than 30 minutes. Oh well, late night cooking, it’s not like I haven’t done it before 😛 So as you can see the base painting was actually a template for my Chitenge design, I was going to stencil the whole design but the time to find spray paint was not even worth stressing about. It looks like I have kept to some sort of rule, I’ve actually painted the whole of this  part of the composition without relying on masking. Yup I went old school, ruler and a steady hand. The rest will be masked, as I really don’t see myself finishing on time if I don’t. Call it cheating? I really don’t care I’m claiming artistic license.


(Mary J Blige post Burger King) No Drama

I heard your plea ages ago. I will stop messing with your mind, just promise to be a good friend because that’s all a brotha needs. I asked for plenty drama on DA CANVAS and boy does it take over. BUT LIKE I SAID SLEEP IS THE ENEMY! I REBUKE IT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, pshh I’ll just crash and burn on the days I feel the lowest. So OLLIE! This is taking longer than I thought, I told myself 2 days but hey I’ll be done tomorrow (well today) after my tutorial where there will be plenty SEARCH FOR MY TONGUE -_- OH I love the privileges my race has sometimes, I get to be put into a category that fits the stereotype but it’s all good this negro will run tings soon, and best believe those close to him will benefit in ways they thought would be impossible but in the words of BEYONCE (DIVA screaming into the microphone to show just how well she can control her voice) It’s the little glimpse of LIGHT that makes the DIAMOND REALLY SHINE and u already is a star BUT unless ur FLAWLESS Then ur dynasty ain’t complete without a CHIEF LIKE ME!!!!! All you need is a crazy person with a great understanding of the gospel. 😉 So LEMMI UPGRADE YOU!


More is to be done on the face but you get the idea 😀