Back to work

Well it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. I go through periods of not doing anything and then suddenly producing masses of work. I will add more material as I go along hopefully on a daily base but I’m not promising anything. This was a project I had long set myself to do. I was commissioned to paint my friend’s baby; it started off well until I got the image he wanted me to paint, it was then I realised how much I hate too much shadow in my work, especially if the shadow is not subtle. I gave it my best shot and the end result wasn’t too bad. It’s funny because I tend to put back work I don’t want to do, this piece is evident to that as it took me 3 months to finish, not due to the length I take to paint but the fact that I hated painting it. As soon as I was done with the face I was surprised at the rate it took me to finish the rest, I guess my fabric studies are finally paying off.


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