HEY I’m back! Well I came back on the 29th June, just had nothing to post. Got bored so decided to paint again :D. This time it was for a little youth group I help lead on Sundays. We decided to call ourselves the Brotherhood probably because the group is mainly composed of us negroes so I had to paint something simple to reflect what we stood for. Thanks to google I stumbled upon a bible verse to inspire me, 1 Peter 2:17

‘Honour all mankind. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.’

Nice little verse and this is what I got from it, well and the fact that I’ve always been inspired by Frank Shepard Fairey’s style of vector art illustrations :D.

I’m still a bit rusty but I hope to improve my vector style, I LOVE VECTOR ART!!!

I’ll also find some time to post pictures from my holiday that inspire me creatively.


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