Glamour Shot

Felt nocturnal today so I decided to draw another portrait. Normally nurses do not get too emotionally attached to patients but my mum couldn’t help herself this time. This lady (of course I can’t mention names for patient confidential reasons then again I don’t even know her name 😛 ) is now in her late 80s currently fighting a critical illness. Doctors are fearing the worst yet she still has a smile on her face, helps that she’s Christian too. Her faith is probably the reason why my mum and her get on so well; Long story short she gave my mum and I a beautiful Rosary and blessed us both so I had to do something in return. Her daughter showed my mum a certain image of her in her early years and it’s as if my mum FINALLY GETS WHAT IMAGES I LIKE 😀 Now I think this must have been taken either in the 40s or 50s, I SWEAR EVERYONE THEN HAD STYLE!!!!!!!!!

A4 Graphite – 4 hrs


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