tutankhamun Drawing

As a child I have always had a fascination with all things Egypt. I love the history and Egypt’s rich culture, not to mention the role Egypt played in God’s plan for the Jewish nation. The great exodus in which the Israelite people were lead by Moses and delivered from the hand of the Pharaoh. Off topic; one great historical find I always remember is that  of the Boy King Tut. Not so much about his history (though I do like to read about it once in a while) but more for the treasure. There’s something about being a child and treasure, the moment I looked at the death mask, I didn’t have thoughts of dead mummies JUST GOLD!!! O_O and what I think could be Lapis Lazuli? BUT WOW! Up to now I still want one of these and I will have one >:) The drawing is of a death mask I found whilst surfing the web, I’m not too sure if it’s a picture of the real thing but who cares IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

A4 Graphite on Paper


Tiger Cub

So as part of my tiger sketches I was initially thinking of just drawing adult tigers. So the thought sprung up out of nowhere, ‘tiger cubs’. Just shows how my mind works anyway here’s another A5 study of a tiger, this time it’s a cute tiger cub. I’m a sucker for cuteness 🙂 This sketch took me 2 hours. And it’s official I’m nocturnal. -_-


Glamour Shot

Felt nocturnal today so I decided to draw another portrait. Normally nurses do not get too emotionally attached to patients but my mum couldn’t help herself this time. This lady (of course I can’t mention names for patient confidential reasons then again I don’t even know her name 😛 ) is now in her late 80s currently fighting a critical illness. Doctors are fearing the worst yet she still has a smile on her face, helps that she’s Christian too. Her faith is probably the reason why my mum and her get on so well; Long story short she gave my mum and I a beautiful Rosary and blessed us both so I had to do something in return. Her daughter showed my mum a certain image of her in her early years and it’s as if my mum FINALLY GETS WHAT IMAGES I LIKE 😀 Now I think this must have been taken either in the 40s or 50s, I SWEAR EVERYONE THEN HAD STYLE!!!!!!!!!

A4 Graphite – 4 hrs


I drew this the same time as I did Tanya’s portrait; have no idea why it took me this long to post it. I didn’t take pics in between as I had to get it done quickly. Didn’t want to ruin the surprise 😛 The initial image had a low resolution which sucks for me as I’m crap at being creative and adding shadows were I feel fit, another thing I need to practice on, but once again for 5 hours I think it’s not bad 😀


This is a portrait of my sis in Christ Tanyaradzwa; she was determined to get me to draw her. I guess her persistence paid off, I like the finish however the drawing highlights the fact that I need to have more patience when shading hair, but you can’t blame me it’s not like I was ready to do every BRAID! In all this took me 5 hours not bad for an A4 drawing me thinks…. Once again the photo does this portrait no justice!  Should really use my Nikon but I cannot be bothered to pause and take pics that often so my phone will have to do 😛

Estelle Drawing

Felt lazy, I always had this image of Estelle; one of the best photos I feel she’s ever taken and the symmetry of her face……………..just had to draw it!

Still rusty with my shading and I still need work on drawing lips BUT in all I can see a definite improvement! Only way is up BABY! LMAO and I need to work on my photography, but with all art it looks better in person.