Aww Foundation was a great experience, I didn’t realise how good I had it until the end (funny that ey). So we were all different in our art styles and the one thing that unified our artwork was just that, OUR ART WORK. It was unique in it’s own right but it was all one thing ART! Recently, I have been trying to understand why that was, and it’s because we had a tutor who believed this with all his heart. If there’s one thing we knew in the foundation year is that Ian truly cared about each individual, problem is (like kids) we all wanted he’s attention and he was only one guy :P, but the genius of Ian is that he obviously knew this and surrounded himself with artists that got the ‘Art is Art’ message and allowed them to influence us.

I will be talking more about the others in other blog posts, but this one is just for Ian. So looking back at my photos I found a picture that flooded back all these memories; now Ian can get easily distracted whenever you spoke to him so all you had to do was say IAN! and he would give you this look that assured you that you had his attention, but we all giggled because it was the same look each TIME! My one regret is that I never got to see the rest of Ian’s artwork, he told me that he had a photo realist side, but I never asked to see that work, however he has a great and unique style now involving intricately painted sculptors, you can check them out on http://ianbottle.com

DSCN0337 - Copy


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