Filament 14

So I’M BACK AT BROOKES!!!! So happy to be near art again O_O” Now we all know as an artist it’s great to get your name out there, so Magdalen Road Studios kick started a new project called Filament 14, a residency whereby new artists get a taste of the real “art world” creating works of art and exhibiting it in the same space. So Jean Wykes was the first Brookes student to start the residency and to support Jean I thought I’d show a small snippet of the work she had up in the studio. The rest of her exhibition included a performance and a video piece on the history of Cowley Road, a well-known road here in Oxford, great restaurants, bars and cafes with influences from everywhere around the world, it’s like the centre of student life here! So Jean had an installation of triangles set in a uniform pattern that gradually broke down into individual pieces, representing the diverse cultural identities found in Cowley 😀 I’ll be part of a collective making work in the same space 😀 Can’t Wait!

DSCN3624 Jean


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