It’s that time of the year!

So comic relief is just round the corner (15th March), for my international readers it’s a time when we have a laugh to raise money for great causes. It’s a day engulfed by irony, as disasters happen in the world we choose to have a moment of laughter, is it truly for a great cause? My answer… HELL YES! With the crap that happens all around the world and even here in Britain, charities seem to be the only means of support, even when the countries in mind claim their independence and pride to not accept the fact that they need help. Don’t get me started on the ins and outs of charity work it is messy business and my prime example is in my post on the Joseph Kony issue just a few months ago which is no longer talked about (wonder why). My point of view is yes it may look like the less fortunate rely on help, making them dependent on aid, but it’s the education and means of rehabilitation that is more important, PROVIDED THAT THEY HAVE A RESOURCE TO BEGIN WITH 😡 ARGHHHHHH if charities didn’t donate anything the issue would still remain the same and cycles are repeated. I like the response generated from comic relief because the message that comes across (to me anyway) is one of SELF RELIANCE (as a community of course) don’t blame individuals for the mistakes made along the process (as far as I’m concerned they have  started a ticking time bomb when all would be revealed) and as for the people who are aided it is up to them to use the new resource responsibly (sad as in some cases it’s seen as an opportunity to make money for individuals rather than for their community). So as corrupt as this world is, the little that can be done shines a light on the possibility that we could achieve world peace (Audience applause as he grins on the inside due to the fact that he’s in for the running of Mr Universe). So I have bought my red nose, for all you in the UK (and who ever Lenny Henry has pimped slapped) I hope you get yours too.



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