The Unknown

So I’m currently exploring various methods of getting my point across in a visual arty way. AND IT’S SO HARD, especially if you are like me and you have tons of projects all lined up in your head just ready to be done -_- But there’s one area of art that fascinates me for some reason and that’s masonry (WARNING THIS ISN’T BASED ON THE ILLUMINATI). See I don’t really see cathedrals as these grand spaces of worship, I look at them for their artistic quality (as a christian I’m instantly drawn to religious imagery, go figure -_-) and the messages that they used to carry. I’ve always been told that in the times when reading wasn’t a common thing (not much difference today thanks to our friend the screen) art has always stepped in, to convey a message to the public. Now of course we have the obvious, such as the Madonna’s (Not the one that’s like a virgin, the actual virgin), the Saints and of course Christ (PRAISE JESUS, I think you’ve learnt by now that I’m Cray for Christ). But what about the tiny bits of embellishments found all around these buildings? They too, have a quality that exceeds any plain stone, yet we choose to walk past as it is something we are used to seeing everyday. Our sense of wonder for these objects has vanished based on the fact we look at these stones for their appearance and not the story that follows it. For all we know it could be the tale of a hard working apprentice that suffered great hardship and physical trauma to get something right, and it finally happens! He gains his master’s approval and he’s about to see his work finally showcased, in an instant, a loose stone above him plummets and hits him on the head causing instant death before the master mason has the time to place the stone in it’s rightful place……. DRAMATIC! well that stone is suddenly more interesting! So next time you walk passed a fancy old building look twice, you never know what your mind might make up.



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