New Beginning

SO the 1st part of my project is yet to begin as the space I chose to do my work was……… Let’s say it was well used. -_- So as a follow up to the previous post I decided to go and paint the walls to give me the blank canvas I need to start making whatever needs to be made in that space. The vibe I’m getting is good, I’ve got some sample collages to work from so now it’s a case of JUST DOING IT (HA nike you got nothing on me I just switched up your slogan) So my parcel from amazon was indeed an extension pole, 5m of steel that allows me to do what I want without having to use a ladder (which by the way I hate with a passion, nothing to do with a fear of falling just can’t stand having to go up and down the stupid thing) So what I thought would take a good 4 days of painting only took two! We thank you Jesus for the wonders of simple ingenuity that changes lives in dramatic ways. I couldn’t help but laugh every time I picked up the extension pole, it didn’t help that I was listening to the remix of Make it Rain (the vision of R Kelly singing about making it rain) 😀 The gallery shows some of the art I had to cover up It’s a shame too but hey. Changes. Oh and it’s all thanks to Gareth who ordered the paint 😀



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