2nd Semester has been a crazy experience for me. I’ve experienced more than I thought I’d need to in the space of 3 months, now of course change SUCKS with a passion but if it’s all for the best then WHY NOT? My art will no longer be the same, from now on I’m taking a massive leap into a world I have secretly (unless you really know me 😛 ) shunned. See I have never been afraid to be CONTEMPORARY I just don’t like the labels that often come with that field of work (and being of African descent ‘Afro Art’ is my new identity -_- ). I’m learning to not think too much and just create what comes to mind (only problem I have is that is takes time for me to know that a work is finished) So there’s been a lot of tongue biting. I can explain the flaws in my artwork BECAUSE THAT’S ALL I EVER SEE >:'( it’s not judgement on anyone’s style of work, it’s me criticising my work nothing more, nothing less. It is true what they say, YOU ARE YOUR WORST CRITIC!  But hey life goes on I could stress about it but the last thing I need is to focus on what was, pshhhh NAh I’m good, I choose to do what I feel like doing. SO as the title for this post implies; I’m getting ready to set up my final show for the 1st year 😀 The scale of the work is the challenge, but hey I’ll never learn unless I just do it (No nike you cannot claim copyright I’m an art student the least you could do is give me a pair of Hi Tops). Of course I have to have the right tools in order to do what I want. We thank God for Amazon. 😀 😀 😀



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