On to Something

So second semester was a crazy experience. Who knew art was so… yeah confusing; just when I think I’m on to something, something else pings up and I find myself doing other projects. So this was my entry for the Turner’s page turner competition, didn’t win (OH the pain would have done with another bridge camera :P) but I think I got something way better. As part of the exhibition the art shortlisted in this competition got the chance to have their work in the Turner contemporary. SO YAY! It was equally great to hear that a friend got in too, due to competition rules I couldn’t put this up but hey it’s all over so this was my entry. As you can tell from my end of semester project, this was part my final piece ideas I don’t know way this even got chosen but hey, like I said art is confusing the pieces I dismiss tend to be the stuff people like the most. So come year two I’m going completely AVANT GARDE!! Yinka better watch out 😛



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