Finished Cast

So from earlier we created a modroc cast of the lower part of our faces. The last technique we learnt involved adding shellac to the negative part of the cast creating a water sealed layer which we could fill with plaster creating a different type of cast. This was my end result and something told me it needed to be black so yeah.


Casting class

Learning so many new techniques, LOVING UNI 😀 So we had a casting crash course last Friday and our tutor Derek Gave us a short introduction to Modroc casting. We each had to do our partners lips; I was curious as to how my lips would turn out, and not one to brag but I easily had a ‘noticeably’ fuller lip cast than my peers but hey the outcome was AWESOME thanks to my partner’s (Alice) Modroc  applying skills 😛

This image is the wax positive of the Modroc cast.