Venus Painting

This was truly a labor of love it took a while as I had to have it finished among other projects. It’s a bust from the Ashmolean. Like the description below I painted this on stretched paper which I primed with a home-made gesso. After drawing the image I then blocked in the important shadow information and filled in the rest of the detail.


Acrylic on A 2 paper .

Casting class

Learning so many new techniques, LOVING UNI 😀 So we had a casting crash course last Friday and our tutor Derek Gave us a short introduction to Modroc casting. We each had to do our partners lips; I was curious as to how my lips would turn out, and not one to brag but I easily had a ‘noticeably’ fuller lip cast than my peers but hey the outcome was AWESOME thanks to my partner’s (Alice) Modroc  applying skills 😛

This image is the wax positive of the Modroc cast.

Dismantling Project

The latest project we had was dismantling an object and putting it back together in an interesting way. I chose a camera I picked up during the first stages of our course with this exercise in mind so I made a mobile with my visit to the Ashmolean museum in mind; especially the Egyptian exhibit. My chosen theme was yet again Ma’at the belief of a balance between all opposite forces in the earth which the Pharaohs were apparently supposed to maintain as Gods on Earth, yet again I find myself dealing with religious subjects BUT WHO CARES! I love all things Egypt and as a Christian in gives me an understanding of the type of religious surroundings at the time of Exodus when the Israelite nation fled Egypt.