Even I’m Surprised

For the life of me I thought I had tomorrow to finish my project but I got the feeling that I’m done. I wanted to add more to this, and yes the nature of this work is that I could allow it to expand if I felt like it. But I’m teaching myself to leave my art when I feel it’s done, I have the tendency to overwork my paintings adding too much when all I needed was already there. This is how it looks like at night I’m yet to see the final piece in the morning, and I will live up to my promise, I’m taking my bridge camera with me. 😀 SO HAPPY!!!!




It is finished…

Oh Ollie the Geist was so right. I should be careful how I communicate. See I fall victim to my memories. Who remembers In The House starring the one and only LL Cool J. Like I said I loved watching 90s TV. There was one particular episode that I remember so well because someone came in all guns blazing without a care in the world. As a kid I was like who is she? But with age comes great wisdom. I laugh about it now especially when I remember the episode. See LL Cool J would look at Ru and smile because they are good friends, It’s funny because a certain world would look at the friendship and start quoting familiar scriptures because they think I have forgotten who I stand by. See I don’t stand at all, I’m so broken that the Geist often carries me wherever I go. And the message he speaks of is one of love. So I care for all my friends knowing that they do the same. So I declare this piece FINISHED! With my quest to get things right I never stop working even if it means no sleep. PSHHH Nu Huh It is worth it so Imma Work It! (Missy Elliot rushes in and grabs the mic). This piece was a challenge and the days kept rolling, I thought I’d be done in 3 days but hey another two didn’t hurt. So expect this to be delivered round Easter time 😀


40 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas