Rock Study

Love it when something doesn’t turn out as I picture it in my head. Of course this is just a study but I can’t help but feel like this is 1 of 3. Which is great news because it means I get to paint to more compositions; in practice for my large canvas O_O” This painting is 40 x 50 cm acrylic and oil on canvas.

Rock Study

Back to Black

You know there is something wrong when you paint all night until you hear the birds sing -_O” So I’ve been working on this study with my camera obscura thinking oh thank you Jesus for this brilliant cheat; until I noticed the shadows in the image made up 50% of the entire composition -_- When an image is like this I prefer working from dark to light. Meaning I had to paint the whole canvas black….. meaning I would have to draw the whole of the composition by eye… so I basically wasted 45 minutes tracing something that was going to be covered up. I’m tired ok. So I spent 4 hours having to draw the rock formation by eye on a canvas I blacked out (fix it Jesus!). But the fun part is yet to come, as I get to play around with my oil paints; which I haven’t done in a while. I blacked out the canvas with a mixture of black and blue, not only does this create the illusion of depth; it is also going to help with the colour composition as the rock formation does have traces of orange moss. I love painting in my room. Studio space is cool and all, but there’s nothing like getting out of bed and picking up a brush.

Black Canvas

It is finished…

Oh Ollie the Geist was so right. I should be careful how I communicate. See I fall victim to my memories. Who remembers In The House starring the one and only LL Cool J. Like I said I loved watching 90s TV. There was one particular episode that I remember so well because someone came in all guns blazing without a care in the world. As a kid I was like who is she? But with age comes great wisdom. I laugh about it now especially when I remember the episode. See LL Cool J would look at Ru and smile because they are good friends, It’s funny because a certain world would look at the friendship and start quoting familiar scriptures because they think I have forgotten who I stand by. See I don’t stand at all, I’m so broken that the Geist often carries me¬†wherever I go. And the message he speaks of is one of love. So I care for all my friends knowing that they do the same. So I declare this piece FINISHED! With my quest to get things right I never stop working even if it means no sleep. PSHHH Nu Huh It is worth it so Imma Work It! (Missy Elliot rushes in and grabs the mic). This piece was a challenge and the days kept rolling, I thought I’d be done in 3 days but hey another two didn’t hurt. So expect this to be delivered round Easter time ūüėÄ


40 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas


I like how I feel like I have to prove how hard I work by showing a finished piece. My friends know that I put in the work behind the scenes. So here’s a project I’m currently working on, I LOVE IT WHEN CREATIVE MINDS COLLIDE. This is a good childhood friend of mine Ollie, to put it nicely he knows how to make an entrance. See from a young age I knew not to judge people based on what other people think, being the black kid with a creative flair the same judgement would fall upon me BUT I REALLY DIDN’T CARE!!!! and still DON’T See I’m still looking for my Beyonce coz remember NO PASSENGERS ON MY PLANE! (ghetto high¬†maintenance chick)¬†I AIN’T WORKIN FOR NO NYIKA TO EAT FO FREE NU UH! I work hard because I know (In GEIST I TRUST!) I’ll make it one day. SO AS PROOF OF MY HARD WORK! here’s a snippet of what I’m up to. This is a challenge; I asked for plenty drama on DA CANVAS and I got it! But you can’t defeat me I work all hours! and early too because I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT MY MATERIALS O_O” oil paint takes weeks to dry so paint now and get paid later (HEYYY!) I’m incredibly patient I don’t wait for money MONEY WAITS FOR ME! *Snap Snap*



So as you should know we Christians LOVE EACH OTHER!!! So I have plenty Mums in the church back home. Mumma S has been feeling low and for good reasons too, see I like to use art as a tool to aid spiritual recovery. The Geist ¬†told me to, I hope you like it mum ūüėÄ This took me a good 2 days worth of painting (don’t ask me the times just know that I AM ALWAYS TIRED!!!!).¬†See art is a gift and a curse, you produce work that has a spiritual¬†resonance at the cost of your body suffering in the process. But it’s all good (LSP) these lumps of flesh have been well trained! So best believe when my BODY’S TELLIN ME NO……..MY MIND MY MIND IS TELLIN ME YEEEEEESSSS! that’s right I can fight temptation like the best of them (Gospel choir leader in overalls with matching gold sash and shoes) MHMMM DAT’S RIGHT PRAISE JESUS!¬†I was going to do this earlier but work+fear of meeting with deadlines (even though they are all the way in MAY mumma G SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE) had me leaving this to last minute but I’m coming home for Easter (I love Oxford but NA UH this negro’s smarts can be¬†exhausted too) and to ensure safe delivery I will give this to you mumma S (God Bless the Royal mail but some things are best posted by hand). ūüėÄ


40 x 50 cm Oil on Canvas

Isaias Afewerki

It’s interesting how we got to know of Kony due to a viral video but do we know truly of the evil that goes on now as we live today. Not to be controversial but Isaias Afewerki has to be one of the most unknown evil dictators that still live today (to the general public anyway). The genius of this man is the fact that he doesn’t allow the press to report anything in Eritrea; and living in a media driven society it only makes sense that it’s not in the public’s interest to know of him. Religious faiths that have not been legalised in Eritrea deem the people who follow them alien, to the point that they are not classified as citizens. Even Christians are put in jail facing torture for their faith, and are forced to denounce their religion; though many refuse and are still tortured. It saddens me when I think of the hardships people face due to what they believe in; I often feel that I take for granted the freedom I have to express my faith without the fear of prosecution when others are tested for what they truly believe. As part of my series in this project I’ve decided to continue painting these evil figures hoping to strike debate and having at least one more person aware of what’s really out there.


I try to stay away from painting more than one person as my perfectionist side would step in and¬†I would end up spending months on one piece, not due to the level of difficulty; simply the fact that I’d hate painting it. So I decided to challenge myself, not only was I to paint a crowd I was to also paint it in oil. I focused on elements that I found easier to paint and for some reason I find it easier to paint hair, which most actually find harder to paint. From my study I found that¬†I don’t need to paint a perfect portrait have the characteristics of the subject I’m painting, from the hair alone most of my uni friends were able to spot the characters with ease.

Joseph Kony

It’s a topic I feel very passionate about. It also demonstrates the power persuasion can have on people. It’s sad to know that people like Kony exist; what’s even more sickening is the fact that he claims to do what he does in the pursuit of christianity. As a christian myself it’s interesting to see how far the truth could be bent, causing mass propaganda. This portrait reinforces my argument for my final major project at whether faith is relevant in the 21st century, it definitely shows the cons as idiots like Kony put their own twist to faith creating something completely evil; and it’s so scary as looking at his image¬†I didn’t¬†really get the sense of an evil war lord. It’s the story that follows the portrait that showcases his wickedness. To test this out I’m going to set the image somewhere in my university asking for 1 word responses to what the public¬†experience looking at his face. Though to be honest I’d be more than happy if they ripped it off the wall.

This was my first proper attempt at using oils all through the painting and I must say I won’t be using acrylics anytime soon.


Well painting randomly lead me to paint animals I had on my 2011 calendar. It was only this year that i¬†realised that the calendar showcased endangered animals. I painted the rest of the painting in acrylic, but for some reason I switched medium and started painting in oil for the tiger. This was the second time I’ve ever touched oil and this time¬†I was successful.