Grandma Digital Drawing

Miss you ❤️

Grandma 2

Oh I’m learning how to drive :S only stalled twice  today :D. Anyway today for some reason I really felt the need to go back to the stage of painting my grandma; fueled by my monochromatic phase I wanted this piece to be in grayscale. From my last post I explained the situation my family faced the past two years. The painting is of my grandma at the memorial of both her husband and son, so she was in an emotional state. She doesn’t like showing her emotions but according to my mother who was present on the day she couldn’t control herself. The painting is of the final moments of the memorial, and it is evident that she was all cried out. The image was quiet haunting at first but it’s funny how our minds are unable to process human suffering for a long time unless you’ve been in that situation; resulting to empathy for the subject. Yes I lost my uncle and granddad but I cannot imagine the pain it caused my grandma.

The painting is in acrylic with a thinner on an A2 canvas, I love the control the thinner allows me to have with acrylic.


I felt liked painting a topic and for some reason death came instantly. Last year had to be the worst year for my family, we lost 5 members in a single year, all of whom I was really close to. I took into consideration the family members who have suffered the most from their loss and my grandma came into the centre of my thoughts. Not only has she lost her husband but in the same year she lost a son and a sister. My mother made a trip to support her during the memorial, she took lots of pictures and in every single picture she had this low sinking facial expression. She looked like she had a lot of emotions going at once. I feel that my FMP (final major project) will consist a lot of portraits of her and somehow the bubbles managed to slip into this painting too.