Yeukai Runyowa

Was supposed to have this finished in a day, but hey reality hits hard; well more like work -_- but 3 sessions later I am DONE. Hope you like it 😀 and I finally found a way to draw box braids that I can be satisfied with 😛



My First Tablet Drawing :D

So I bought a Wacom Intuos 5 and fell in love with the pad before I could even do anything on it, it’s so CUTE!!!! 😀 Any who, my sister wanted to see my work and I promised I’d do some kinda portrait. Of course it had to be centered on the old master flow I’m on now for some reason. So I did a sketch, taking my inspiration from Da Vinci’s anatomical sketches. I then used gimp (as I’m saving up for Photoshop and Corel painter 😥 ) to edit the portrait the way i wanted and for a 2 hours mess around I’m pretty happy with the results 😀 Can’t wait to do more stuff on my wacom tablet 😀 😀 O_O”