(Jamaican voodoo priestess) LET MEH INTRODUCE YOU TO MYSTIC SN! Me tell ya dat me nah get no sleep so struss when me se ME TIRED!!! ALL DA TIME. But it’s ok I’m back (to my normal anyway) mum always said if life gets too stressful pshhhh sleep it out. So back to the sublime, you’ll need to do your research on this one as I said I’m tired of repeating myself. Now in a world that looks like all hell is about to break loose the mystics have a way of keeping the PEACE, according to the chemistry definition, Sublimation is when a substance skips a step and jumps straight to another phase, (from solid to gas missing the liquid phase see I spoil you). Now I love diamonds (blame Hollywood and every rapper I look up to) good examples of the sublime. Remember one possible definition of Sublime is the knowledge that man gets from the cosmos (NERD ALERT!!!!) So we artists – our bezzy mates the philosophers and who ever questions stuff a lot – can tap into the theory of the Sublime and wonder what is truly out there? It’s amazing because the Sublime is a subject already being tapped into by the musical muse O_o” the very reason why Rihanna, out of the blue, is telling everyone to SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND O_O”


20″ x 16″ Acrylic on canvas