Isaias Afewerki

It’s interesting how we got to know of Kony due to a viral video but do we know truly of the evil that goes on now as we live today. Not to be controversial but Isaias Afewerki has to be one of the most unknown evil dictators that still live today (to the general public anyway). The genius of this man is the fact that he doesn’t allow the press to report anything in Eritrea; and living in a media driven society it only makes sense that it’s not in the public’s interest to know of him. Religious faiths that have not been legalised in Eritrea deem the people who follow them alien, to the point that they are not classified as citizens. Even Christians are put in jail facing torture for their faith, and are forced to denounce their religion; though many refuse and are still tortured. It saddens me when I think of the hardships people face due to what they believe in; I often feel that I take for granted the freedom I have to express my faith without the fear of prosecution when others are tested for what they truly believe. As part of my series in this project I’ve decided to continue painting these evil figures hoping to strike debate and having at least one more person aware of what’s really out there.


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