tutankhamun Drawing

As a child I have always had a fascination with all things Egypt. I love the history and Egypt’s rich culture, not to mention the role Egypt played in God’s plan for the Jewish nation. The great exodus in which the Israelite people were lead by Moses and delivered from the hand of the Pharaoh. Off topic; one great historical find I always remember is that  of the Boy King Tut. Not so much about his history (though I do like to read about it once in a while) but more for the treasure. There’s something about being a child and treasure, the moment I looked at the death mask, I didn’t have thoughts of dead mummies JUST GOLD!!! O_O and what I think could be Lapis Lazuli? BUT WOW! Up to now I still want one of these and I will have one >:) The drawing is of a death mask I found whilst surfing the web, I’m not too sure if it’s a picture of the real thing but who cares IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

A4 Graphite on Paper


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