Paper Art Revamped


tutankhamun Drawing

As a child I have always had a fascination with all things Egypt. I love the history and Egypt’s rich culture, not to mention the role Egypt played in God’s plan for the Jewish nation. The great exodus in which the Israelite people were lead by Moses and delivered from the hand of the Pharaoh. Off topic; one great historical find I always remember is that  of the Boy King Tut. Not so much about his history (though I do like to read about it once in a while) but more for the treasure. There’s something about being a child and treasure, the moment I looked at the death mask, I didn’t have thoughts of dead mummies JUST GOLD!!! O_O and what I think could be Lapis Lazuli? BUT WOW! Up to now I still want one of these and I will have one >:) The drawing is of a death mask I found whilst surfing the web, I’m not too sure if it’s a picture of the real thing but who cares IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

A4 Graphite on Paper

Let There Be Light!

So I’ve finished my 1st semester yet for some reason I can’t help but make stuff. I recently had a bookmaking workshop; Our tutor had lots of paper left from our practice and was about to expose of it. You know me; I had to have it, so I spent the majority of my lunch and studio time cutting up bits of paper. In a nutshell, I tried to make another vase, it looked okay but I didn’t like the finished product. Perfectionist me tried my hardest to reshape the vase…. and it broke -_-

But I looked at the pattern on the inside and wondered what it would be like illuminated. I have a desk lamp. AND NOW I’M GOING TO MAKE A WHOLE RANGE OF LIGHTS! O_O”



So Simone, Ryan (and his girlfriend) and I went to the lighting event held at the Natural History Museum; it was AWESOME but Simone had essays to write so we left early. Whilst on the bus, a couple and their little girl came on and Simone and the kid had a convo. So Simone asks “what do you for Christmas?” the girl replies ” a Dinosaur!” To conclude the future looks bright for the next generation (for Oxford anyway :P). The Natural History has this massive T-Rex by the entrance – which I’ll have next to my grand staircase but Simone is convinced she’s going to have one too but I’ll have it first MWAHAHA >:) – that coupled with the convo between the girl and Simone; it was obvious that I had to do something with Dinosaurs! Alice (good friend and block mate) has a brother  that does origami and had a book on Dinosaurs! SEE FAITH!!!!!! you can guess what happened next… I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the cryptic folds of the book’s illustrations -_- BUT I DID IT (with a few alterations :P) and for some reason I did it with purple paper; a subliminal message from my past. And I never realised, until now, just how camp Barney was!


Origami Fail 2

So I had to revisit my origami phase and decided to Google interesting patterns. So I spend literally a whole day obsessing over this vase and finished it only to see that I had 6 minutes to go catch the bus which somehow I got 😀 And I have awesome friends: Wolf made a prawn stir-fry, Callum made a cake and Lulu brought a pizza! on top of that Meg made banana bread… just comes to show the stereotypes of uni students doesn’t imply in our block *black woman snap* But yeah the vase involved 340 pieces and took me 8 hours to finish, probably because half way I had no idea what I was doing and I spent too much time making each piece -_- but I do hope to make a bigger vase!


I drew this the same time as I did Tanya’s portrait; have no idea why it took me this long to post it. I didn’t take pics in between as I had to get it done quickly. Didn’t want to ruin the surprise 😛 The initial image had a low resolution which sucks for me as I’m crap at being creative and adding shadows were I feel fit, another thing I need to practice on, but once again for 5 hours I think it’s not bad 😀

Estelle Drawing

Felt lazy, I always had this image of Estelle; one of the best photos I feel she’s ever taken and the symmetry of her face……………..just had to draw it!

Still rusty with my shading and I still need work on drawing lips BUT in all I can see a definite improvement! Only way is up BABY! LMAO and I need to work on my photography, but with all art it looks better in person.