Ri Ri

Now I can’t lie as a christian it’s amazing what theories I choose to influence what I think of people, the illuminati had to be my all time favorite, I never was scared of the concept, I just liked to ask questions, and when I question people they often take it as me being nosy, I guess my afro mindset of ‘if you don’t know, ask’ is wrong. But I do know that I can make assumptions, some are obvious but others are not even worth mentioning, but I fall victim to the Freudian slip (in my case Freudian sentences) but I’m learning. Now of course there’s one person I used to analyse not based on her fame but more on her character, and lets face it she’s HAWT and incredibly hard working but why does she grab people’s attention? Yes SHE’S HAWT O_O” but why do we think that? My answer came when I talked to my good friend and diva Emma when she pointed out just how symmetrical Rihanna’s face is and I was like JESUS DID YOU HEAR THAT :O GREAT TRUTH!!!!!! I never realised just how obsessed we were with symmetry but it’s SO TRUE, now of course with the wonders of modern technology she looks GREAT! and we see this and think then why doesn’t Jay Z see this? Possible affair? answer…..NO! because there’s one woman who keeps them hoes in check, there’s a reason why she sang ring the alarm, and Jay knows that if ever he even thinks of doing something stupid Sasha will illuminate him before he has the chance to apologise. Just comes to show you that if you can’t gain someone’s love by kindness you can equally achieve it by FEAR >:`) but I’ll be good for now, just a warning to those that think I can’t spazz out 😀

So I’m testing out watercolor techniques this along with the tigers will be an ongoing series, I’m banning myself from tracing (I love youtube artists that think we don’t know they traced the outline before adding the detail but don’t be mad it’s not a new concept google camera obscura) and focusing on my artistic expressionist side. So plenty drama on da canvas 😛 But as usual I start small to work out what needs to be done on a large scale.



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