The Sublime O_O

So we had a lecture today on the sublime, it scares me because somethings that were said is what I think of from time to time. We artists are very interesting beings, like our Bezzy mates the philosophers, we like to question everything. My teachers knew this and would often get frustrated because I never excepted what they said, I always wanted to know more. MORE! I have a problem because I often drift in and out of conscious thought. My friends are only beginning to notice this and it’s getting them concerned (LOL and I’m actually lolling…. sad that ‘lol’ has now become part of my everyday vocabulary) but I reassure them that I’m fine just staring into the abyss. The sublime is an interesting topic because it covers the theory that man’s deep understanding of things can not be there own but one of a super being. And when ever I read that I’m like THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!! If you get to know me for me you’d know that I’m a complete air head (no colour discrimination! we blondes will rule you one day) but there are times when a thought enters my brain and unlocks different ideas and connects them to form some kind of message that makes some sort of sense. IT CREEPS ME OUT BECAUSE I HAVE NO SAY IN IT. The germans where on to something, I guess there’s a reason why they called it the GEIST!!!

So looking back at my photos I noticed an image that I’ve always wanted to blog about. The artist is unknown (because I didn’t ask for his name) but I do know that HE LOVE MEGAN FOX. Now this could be open to interpretation  (like all things) we can choose to view this  artwork as a man’s way of portraying his lust for Megan Fox (who by the way looks HAWT but she’s over done the real-life photoshop, now she looks too symmetrical, miss the old Megan but hey her face) But Look at the time and effort he’s taken on the artwork and the fact that this is all done by biro…. AMAZING! This was truly a labor of love and look at the smile on his face does that look like the smile of a perv (don’t answer that you’ll ruin my image of him plus I notice the money but that’s out of the public’s response to the art WE NEED TO BE FED TOO!!) So judge art as you see fit but remember IT’S ALL ART!! (MARCEL DUCHAMP AHH LOVE) AND DO YOU SEE THE BLEACHED DEMIN Yup we arties are DA TREND SETTERS. And he wears it well.



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