I like how I feel like I have to prove how hard I work by showing a finished piece. My friends know that I put in the work behind the scenes. So here’s a project I’m currently working on, I LOVE IT WHEN CREATIVE MINDS COLLIDE. This is a good childhood friend of mine Ollie, to put it nicely he knows how to make an entrance. See from a young age I knew not to judge people based on what other people think, being the black kid with a creative flair the same judgement would fall upon me BUT I REALLY DIDN’T CARE!!!! and still DON’T See I’m still looking for my Beyonce coz remember NO PASSENGERS ON MY PLANE! (ghetto high maintenance chick) I AIN’T WORKIN FOR NO NYIKA TO EAT FO FREE NU UH! I work hard because I know (In GEIST I TRUST!) I’ll make it one day. SO AS PROOF OF MY HARD WORK! here’s a snippet of what I’m up to. This is a challenge; I asked for plenty drama on DA CANVAS and I got it! But you can’t defeat me I work all hours! and early too because I KNOW A THING OR TWO ABOUT MY MATERIALS O_O” oil paint takes weeks to dry so paint now and get paid later (HEYYY!) I’m incredibly patient I don’t wait for money MONEY WAITS FOR ME! *Snap Snap*



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