(Mary J Blige post Burger King) No Drama

I heard your plea ages ago. I will stop messing with your mind, just promise to be a good friend because that’s all a brotha needs. I asked for plenty drama on DA CANVAS and boy does it take over. BUT LIKE I SAID SLEEP IS THE ENEMY! I REBUKE IT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, pshh I’ll just crash and burn on the days I feel the lowest. So OLLIE! This is taking longer than I thought, I told myself 2 days but hey I’ll be done tomorrow (well today) after my tutorial where there will be plenty SEARCH FOR MY TONGUE -_- OH I love the privileges my race has sometimes, I get to be put into a category that fits the stereotype but it’s all good this negro will run tings soon, and best believe those close to him will benefit in ways they thought would be impossible but in the words of BEYONCE (DIVA screaming into the microphone to show just how well she can control her voice) It’s the little glimpse of LIGHT that makes the DIAMOND REALLY SHINE and u already is a star BUT unless ur FLAWLESS Then ur dynasty ain’t complete without a CHIEF LIKE ME!!!!! All you need is a crazy person with a great understanding of the gospel. 😉 So LEMMI UPGRADE YOU!


More is to be done on the face but you get the idea 😀


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