Wellington Boots

I love walking. The the Lye Valley, is the perfect place to spend some quiet time; it’s nice to take a break from the world and just get lost in nature. The valley is perfect because the moment you enter, the sound of a busy world disappears and your surrounded… nature, which can be as loud at times. Then reality hits when the sound of a jet engine annoyingly whizzes past -_- The valley is incredibly muddy so I thought, why not buy some wellingtons? Which of course I did (Primark £7 I do love my bargains) but me being my cheap self had to settle for practicality -_- but the artist in me was like HELL NO these are BORING PAINT THEM! so I did 😀 Painted a wall in the process and it was interesting how the two seemed to merge. Here’s an Image of the Boots. The following two posts will be pictures of the the wall and the boots alongside the wall. AH 90’s you always have a way of making me happy 😀


Scoobies :D

So part of my creative process involves some level of craft. I remember doing so many scoobies back in the secondary so I thought I’d start doing more again. I used the wool lying around in our 1st year studio which is completely covered with junk. I’ll post evidence of the messiness, but hey it’s all part of the creative act ( MARCEL DUCHAMP O_O”). My aim is to make bigger scoobies O_O”