The Scarf?

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, God Bless. Came back from a great church service and couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d update my blog. I’ve been bored so for the past three days I’ve been knitting; I always do something crafty before a big art project. I plan to paint something big probably a tiger. Anyway I had planned to make a scarf and was willing to knit for 10 days straight just to finish it; then the repetition of it all got to me and I couldn’t take anymore, so I was left with a pathetic piece of knitted fabric. I still wanted something to keep my neck warm… So I made what I can only describe as a snood? The end result is actually better than a scarf I feel, I may have to make more probably try out different colours. BUT I’M NOW READY TO PAINT 😀

Snood thingy 2


Scoobies :D

So part of my creative process involves some level of craft. I remember doing so many scoobies back in the secondary so I thought I’d start doing more again. I used the wool lying around in our 1st year studio which is completely covered with junk. I’ll post evidence of the messiness, but hey it’s all part of the creative act ( MARCEL DUCHAMP O_O”). My aim is to make bigger scoobies O_O”