Chitenge Jacket

I’ve always been a fan of Yinka Shonibare, Looking back at my Foundation journal I noticed that I read an article on his artwork, I cannot remember where but I remember catching a glimpse of his costumes made up entirely of African textiles and was amazed at the sheer volume and and detail of his work. A part of me always wanted a Chitenge jacket, but I still don’t know where to get one (mostly due to my picky attitude towards clothing). I’ve only ever made tiny garments and that was only during my fashion pathway week during my foundation year. SO I’M DETERMINED TO MAKE MYSELF ONE. Of course I’m lazy; so short cuts have to be made. So I raided my wardrobe and found two suit jackets I used to wear back in A-level (3 years ago O_O oh time) coupled with my boredom I thought why not practice first? So for some reason I want to hand stitch it all on….. to say the least I did the collar and gave up -_- I’m going to have to find some form of motivation to kick start the next project as the collar alone took me 3 hours! Somehow I’m liking the collar on it’s own so I’m thinking of leaving the Jacket as it is 😀




This was my final piece for our foundation exhibition in the Herbert Read Gallery. It wraps up my final thought for my 2011 art work; and my old way of thinking in general. I hope to produce more work, not for the sake of producing work , but actually having my work reflect my thoughts and emotions. So my work will be extremely random. Our theme for this exhibition was ‘Books.’ Our thought process was to not think of a conventional book but what a book represents; my representation was not based on a story but the repetition found in books. The constant flicking of the page as well as the information you gain. I also find that some information on certain pages carry more importance for the book as a whole than other pages. The final piece showcases studies of my jacket painted on cardboard.