Tiger Cub

So as part of my tiger sketches I was initially thinking of just drawing adult tigers. So the thought sprung up out of nowhere, ‘tiger cubs’. Just shows how my mind works anyway here’s another A5 study of a tiger, this time it’s a cute tiger cub. I’m a sucker for cuteness 🙂 This sketch took me 2 hours. And it’s official I’m nocturnal. -_-


Back to the Basics 2

So I recently caught up with one of my best friends, it was a good day and I’m glad to know that one of my close friends visits my blog regularly. And just like a good friend she caught me on my laziness; as I don’t update my blog that often. So following her advice 2013 will be the year I blog like CRAZY!!!!! It’ll now feature near enough all I do art wise, including reviews of art books I’ve been reading recently. Now back to my tiger series, I’ve decided to draw in pencil, I mean I’m good at drafting and I’m not going to force myself to constantly paint in poster paint, somethings are just meant to be hated 😛 So here’s an A5 drawing I did today took me 3 hours so not bad. I’ll be exploring scale and contrast in a limited space of my A5 window. Though I would like the area around the eye to be darker so I have a feeling I’ll be mixing mediums again.


My First Tablet Drawing :D

So I bought a Wacom Intuos 5 and fell in love with the pad before I could even do anything on it, it’s so CUTE!!!! 😀 Any who, my sister wanted to see my work and I promised I’d do some kinda portrait. Of course it had to be centered on the old master flow I’m on now for some reason. So I did a sketch, taking my inspiration from Da Vinci’s anatomical sketches. I then used gimp (as I’m saving up for Photoshop and Corel painter đŸ˜„ ) to edit the portrait the way i wanted and for a 2 hours mess around I’m pretty happy with the results 😀 Can’t wait to do more stuff on my wacom tablet 😀 😀 O_O”

Glamour Shot

Felt nocturnal today so I decided to draw another portrait. Normally nurses do not get too emotionally attached to patients but my mum couldn’t help herself this time. This lady (of course I can’t mention names for patient confidential reasons then again I don’t even know her name 😛 ) is now in her late 80s currently fighting a critical illness. Doctors are fearing the worst yet she still has a smile on her face, helps that she’s Christian too. Her faith is probably the reason why my mum and her get on so well; Long story short she gave my mum and I a beautiful Rosary and blessed us both so I had to do something in return. Her daughter showed my mum a certain image of her in her early years and it’s as if my mum FINALLY GETS WHAT IMAGES I LIKE 😀 Now I think this must have been taken either in the 40s or 50s, I SWEAR EVERYONE THEN HAD STYLE!!!!!!!!!

A4 Graphite – 4 hrs


This is a portrait of my sis in Christ Tanyaradzwa; she was determined to get me to draw her. I guess her persistence paid off, I like the finish however the drawing highlights the fact that I need to have more patience when shading hair, but you can’t blame me it’s not like I was ready to do every BRAID! In all this took me 5 hours not bad for an A4 drawing me thinks…. Once again the photo does this portrait no justice!  Should really use my Nikon but I cannot be bothered to pause and take pics that often so my phone will have to do 😛