Origami Fail 2

So I had to revisit my origami phase and decided to Google interesting patterns. So I spend literally a whole day obsessing over this vase and finished it only to see that I had 6 minutes to go catch the bus which somehow I got 😀 And I have awesome friends: Wolf made a prawn stir-fry, Callum made a cake and Lulu brought a pizza! on top of that Meg made banana bread… just comes to show the stereotypes of uni students doesn’t imply in our block *black woman snap* But yeah the vase involved 340 pieces and took me 8 hours to finish, probably because half way I had no idea what I was doing and I spent too much time making each piece -_- but I do hope to make a bigger vase!


3 thoughts on “Origami Fail 2

  1. That’s really impressive. Origami is one of my favorite art-forms and I am amazed that you managed to complete this vase in one day! Did you say you found the instructions on Google? Looking…

    1. Thanks Allison,

      Yeah Google, but I suggest you check on Youtube, there are plenty of video tutorials. I feel it’s better to see the object being made, origami instructions can be quite confusing if you don’t know the folds :/ I’ve tried books and it always ends in mass confusion

      1. Yeah. I know what you mean. I have a few books at home and it takes me many tries before I get even close to the picture of the finished object! It is always a great feeling of accomplishment in the end, though.

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