Paper Art Revamped


Let There Be Light!

So I’ve finished my 1st semester yet for some reason I can’t help but make stuff. I recently had a bookmaking workshop; Our tutor had lots of paper left from our practice and was about to expose of it. You know me; I had to have it, so I spent the majority of my lunch and studio time cutting up bits of paper. In a nutshell, I tried to make another vase, it looked okay but I didn’t like the finished product. Perfectionist me tried my hardest to reshape the vase…. and it broke -_-

But I looked at the pattern on the inside and wondered what it would be like illuminated. I have a desk lamp. AND NOW I’M GOING TO MAKE A WHOLE RANGE OF LIGHTS! O_O”



So Simone, Ryan (and his girlfriend) and I went to the lighting event held at the Natural History Museum; it was AWESOME but Simone had essays to write so we left early. Whilst on the bus, a couple and their little girl came on and Simone and the kid had a convo. So Simone asks “what do you for Christmas?” the girl replies ” a Dinosaur!” To conclude the future looks bright for the next generation (for Oxford anyway :P). The Natural History has this massive T-Rex by the entrance – which I’ll have next to my grand staircase but Simone is convinced she’s going to have one too but I’ll have it first MWAHAHA >:) – that coupled with the convo between the girl and Simone; it was obvious that I had to do something with Dinosaurs! Alice (good friend and block mate) has a brother  that does origami and had a book on Dinosaurs! SEE FAITH!!!!!! you can guess what happened next… I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the cryptic folds of the book’s illustrations -_- BUT I DID IT (with a few alterations :P) and for some reason I did it with purple paper; a subliminal message from my past. And I never realised, until now, just how camp Barney was!


1st Semester Assessment

So I had to showcase some of my work for my end of semester assessment and I’m on this postmodern vibe so I thought why not just show that. This is my….. Lord knows what it is. It’s been called an installation so I’ll go with that 😛 Sorry for the crappy image quality I left my camera at home -_- so I’m relying on my omnia 7.


Origami Fail 2

So I had to revisit my origami phase and decided to Google interesting patterns. So I spend literally a whole day obsessing over this vase and finished it only to see that I had 6 minutes to go catch the bus which somehow I got 😀 And I have awesome friends: Wolf made a prawn stir-fry, Callum made a cake and Lulu brought a pizza! on top of that Meg made banana bread… just comes to show the stereotypes of uni students doesn’t imply in our block *black woman snap* But yeah the vase involved 340 pieces and took me 8 hours to finish, probably because half way I had no idea what I was doing and I spent too much time making each piece -_- but I do hope to make a bigger vase!

Origami Fail

So a while ago I was really into origami and started making complex structures. I felt lazy so I had lots of flyers from my freshers fair, didn’t want throw them away so I made an acorn. So on the day of presentation it fell apart, but I really liked the circular pattern in the middle of the structure. I do plan to make a vase though so i’ll have to research (youtube lol) how to start my base, as I feel that’s what let me down.