1st Semester Assessment

So I had to showcase some of my work for my end of semester assessment and I’m on this postmodern vibe so I thought why not just show that. This is my….. Lord knows what it is. It’s been called an installation so I’ll go with that 😛 Sorry for the crappy image quality I left my camera at home -_- so I’m relying on my omnia 7.


Origami Fail 2

So I had to revisit my origami phase and decided to Google interesting patterns. So I spend literally a whole day obsessing over this vase and finished it only to see that I had 6 minutes to go catch the bus which somehow I got 😀 And I have awesome friends: Wolf made a prawn stir-fry, Callum made a cake and Lulu brought a pizza! on top of that Meg made banana bread… just comes to show the stereotypes of uni students doesn’t imply in our block *black woman snap* But yeah the vase involved 340 pieces and took me 8 hours to finish, probably because half way I had no idea what I was doing and I spent too much time making each piece -_- but I do hope to make a bigger vase!