Well painting randomly lead me to paint animals I had on my 2011 calendar. It was only this year that i realised that the calendar showcased endangered animals. I painted the rest of the painting in acrylic, but for some reason I switched medium and started painting in oil for the tiger. This was the second time I’ve ever touched oil and this time I was successful.

Looking Back

The following posts are of my past paintings and drawings. I took a look at my work and I’m glad to see the progression I made from secondary to alevel.

This was my GCSE coursework painting. It was from this project that i learnt the value of research. I think that my inspiration was Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali. The pics below are my studies for this project.


 Pencils sketches



Well I’m currently in transition to further education in the arts which i never thought i would do but yeah it’s HAPPENING. Now I’ve always painted but it’s of late that I’ve noticed a MASSIVE change in my style. I try to have a realistic approach to my composition but it always ends up reminding me of Salvador Dali’s “Mysticism.” ANYWAY my current project is a lion, This is my first attempt at animals but i hope to improve as I progress 😀

Well I started by painting the colour tones corresponding to the lion then painted the fur last as the fur fibres looked translucent in the picture

I’m relying on my phone camera but hopefully that will change soon (MUM) 😀