Well painting randomly lead me to paint animals I had on my 2011 calendar. It was only this year that i realised that the calendar showcased endangered animals. I painted the rest of the painting in acrylic, but for some reason I switched medium and started painting in oil for the tiger. This was the second time I’ve ever touched oil and this time I was successful.

Past Alevel experience :D

I’m not going to lie I HATED!!! Alevel with a passion; I felt that it was 2 years of my life I will never get back. Yet it’s thanks to A level that I’m in this position right now 😀 anyway I FINALLY have all my art work from the years and was amazed at the systematic way in which I work. It seems like I go in and out of themes. The following work is from my A level exam.

The Final Outcome (8hours O_O”)