Morning Activities 


On to something!

So today in my lecture I started doodling, see I concentrate better when I’m doing something else, don’t ask me why I just do. So it started with a tiger, which then progressed to a cross with a tiger eye followed by an ankh leading to various Egyptian themes. NOW REMOVE ILLUMINATI OUT OF YOUR HEAD BEFORE I COME OUT OF THE SCREEN AND SLAP THE JESUS IN YOU. Just felt like drawing and these where the first things that flew into my mind at the time. The arrangement of stuff needs adjusting but overall I may be on to something!


A4 Pen and crayon on the back of my note pad

Ready for the summer!!!!

So as it’s slowly being revealed to you all I do like to make stuff, now I don’t consider myself fashionable but as cliche as it sounds I have a passion for fashion. (you can’t hear me but I’m laughing my shame away just at the thought of writing that) Anywho I’m getting ready for summer but the geist informed me round Christmas time that it was time for dungarees; to mask my shame I never told anyone that I bought a pair until now of course because the excitement for summer has taken over. These were a pair I bought on ebay from jellybellyvintageleeds. They were full length but I wasn’t a fan of the bagginess, So I committed murder and chopped up the bottom half and tailored it to a perfect fit. This was in January. The frustration from cutting, sewing, pricking and bleeding several times made me take a well deserved break from the nonsense. But it gave me time to think of what else I could do with it. So I took a trip down memory lane and remembered that during my trip back to Zambia I bought various fabrics back with me to see what I could do with them. And as if I was getting pimp-slapped, the idea came and inspiration with obsession and determination and the zeal to defeat my dungaree grief, took over and I finished my mini project. Always wanted a pair of dungarees as a kid and now I HAVE THEM >:`D  (scar for extra added evil) ah I’m so 90s.


Lion O_O”

As an artist you are always looking around for the next best thing and you just know when you have found it. Emmanuel Awuni (a good friend) is an up and coming artist, what he doesn’t realise is the principle of the creative act ( I LOVE MARCEL DUCHAMP O_O ). Now he thinks he’s not good enough simply because of the difference in our styles of painting. But he doesn’t realise that his art SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! So I’m going to show you one of his pieces and I know you will all see what I see!


I’m not too sure of the dimensions of this painting. Knowing Mani this is probably acrylic.

Tiger Cub

So as part of my tiger sketches I was initially thinking of just drawing adult tigers. So the thought sprung up out of nowhere, ‘tiger cubs’. Just shows how my mind works anyway here’s another A5 study of a tiger, this time it’s a cute tiger cub. I’m a sucker for cuteness 🙂 This sketch took me 2 hours. And it’s official I’m nocturnal. -_-


Back to the Basics 2

So I recently caught up with one of my best friends, it was a good day and I’m glad to know that one of my close friends visits my blog regularly. And just like a good friend she caught me on my laziness; as I don’t update my blog that often. So following her advice 2013 will be the year I blog like CRAZY!!!!! It’ll now feature near enough all I do art wise, including reviews of art books I’ve been reading recently. Now back to my tiger series, I’ve decided to draw in pencil, I mean I’m good at drafting and I’m not going to force myself to constantly paint in poster paint, somethings are just meant to be hated 😛 So here’s an A5 drawing I did today took me 3 hours so not bad. I’ll be exploring scale and contrast in a limited space of my A5 window. Though I would like the area around the eye to be darker so I have a feeling I’ll be mixing mediums again.


Back to the Basics

So I’m back home…. and I’m already bored. As I don’t have my regular art supplies I’m reduced to the stuff I left behind. I was sure I left some Indian Ink behind, but nope all I found was poster paint. I remembered my frustration whenever I tried to get a solid colour with the stuff, having to add layer upon layer to get the result I wanted only to leave it as it took so long; Ah GCSE 😀 So I feel like making a series of Tigers, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. I love the creatures and if you remember a few blog posts back I did a short series then of the amazing creatures. Now not to offend any non believers, but I’m amazed whenever I see God’s creation at it’s best. Love these creatures, I can be so happy to have a reserve and simply sketch animals all day. So this is the first of hopefully many AND I WILL OVERCOME MY HATRED FOR POSTER PAINT!



It’s been long-awaited but everything has gone to plan so far and I’m really happy with the way everything looks, I will miss UCA with a PASSION I’ve made friends that I know I will be life long; still it’s onwards and upwards from now on. My final exhibition consists of the various pieces of my faith journey incorporating most of my latest work to reflect my thinking process as it is now. As usual, being my perfectionist self, I had to find an order to put up my work up, which took some trial and error but in the end thanks to the help of those around me my final set up is a follows.

My blogging rate will slow down as I no longer have to work on a deadline however I will be producing work that I feel necessary to my current thought process. Our exhibition is currently at the UCA Canterbury Foundation Studios opened to the public on 21st, 22nd & 24th May 10am-5pm 😀