Amethyst Geode

Acrylic on Canvas

Lion O_O”

As an artist you are always looking around for the next best thing and you just know when you have found it. Emmanuel Awuni (a good friend) is an up and coming artist, what he doesn’t realise is the principle of the creative act ( I LOVE MARCEL DUCHAMP O_O ). Now he thinks he’s not good enough simply because of the difference in our styles of painting. But he doesn’t realise that his art SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! So I’m going to show you one of his pieces and I know you will all see what I see!


I’m not too sure of the dimensions of this painting. Knowing Mani this is probably acrylic.

Past Alevel experience :D

I’m not going to lie I HATED!!! Alevel with a passion; I felt that it was 2 years of my life I will never get back. Yet it’s thanks to A level that I’m in this position right now 😀 anyway I FINALLY have all my art work from the years and was amazed at the systematic way in which I work. It seems like I go in and out of themes. The following work is from my A level exam.

The Final Outcome (8hours O_O”)

When Boredom Strikes

Like I said in an earlier post I became a bit lazy mid-way in the pathway and felt very unmotivated. My solution is always to start doing something random; so I got my images from Amsterdam and began painting in a style I’m not used to the outcome was this…

I worked once again with acrylic paint but watered it down to get this loose effect. I remembered that most of the paintings in the Rijks Museum, of fabric, where often made up of marks of paint which if view together created the final article. From this painting, I took a glimpse of my photos and noticed a postcard I’ve always had but never paid attention to. It showcases the painting by Philippe de Champaigne entitled ‘Cardinal Richelieu’

For the first time I noticed the dramatic nature in which the fabric is painted and got more and more interested the more my eyes worked round the postcard. I was so inspired that i began to make numerous studies of all shapes and sizes, I even went as far as knitting rope and painting and painting on the knitted fabric to see what effect I would get from it. Below is a slide show of my moment of crazed obsession.