I finished my piece keeping in mind the idea of a triptych; having done some research on Francis Bacon I noted the spiritual importance of a triptych and how first examples are found in churches. I’m still on the journey of discovering my own interpretation of faith, but to kick-start my research I’m hoping to engage with the public, asking questions of their beliefs in the supernatural. So far I’ve had a brief encounter with Mormons; it’ll be interesting to find out just what they believe in. I’m not sure whether it’s just another branch from modern-day Christianity.


Eureka 2

So a few posts ago I did the whole experiment with the PVA glue and paint. I decided to give it a go and actually paint what I see and for a first attempt I’m quite happy with the result, and the fact that I finished in less than 5 hours is freaking me out. May be finally on to a winner; now it’s just the case of tweaking my FMP proposal :D. Ah art how you choose to evolve. Painted this at home, couldn’t be bothered to paint in uni as I had all the materials at home and now that I’ve FINALLY got my easel and camera; NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! So expect a lot more this 2 months.

Joseph Kony

It’s a topic I feel very passionate about. It also demonstrates the power persuasion can have on people. It’s sad to know that people like Kony exist; what’s even more sickening is the fact that he claims to do what he does in the pursuit of christianity. As a christian myself it’s interesting to see how far the truth could be bent, causing mass propaganda. This portrait reinforces my argument for my final major project at whether faith is relevant in the 21st century, it definitely shows the cons as idiots like Kony put their own twist to faith creating something completely evil; and it’s so scary as looking at his image I didn’t really get the sense of an evil war lord. It’s the story that follows the portrait that showcases his wickedness. To test this out I’m going to set the image somewhere in my university asking for 1 word responses to what the public experience looking at his face. Though to be honest I’d be more than happy if they ripped it off the wall.

This was my first proper attempt at using oils all through the painting and I must say I won’t be using acrylics anytime soon.