Ink and PVA

These are a series of experiments that I started for my FMP; following my acrylic PVA experiments I decided to limit myself to just Ink and PVA as the ink repels the PVA (probably due to the high water content). I’ve recently started Started playing around with the idea of blowing these up using a projector tracing the detail I see and painting it afterwards. I will post these pieces as I progress.

Eureka 2

So a few posts ago I did the whole experiment with the PVA glue and paint. I decided to give it a go and actually paint what I see and for a first attempt I’m quite happy with the result, and the fact that I finished in less than 5 hours is freaking me out. May be finally on to a winner; now it’s just the case of tweaking my FMP proposal :D. Ah art how you choose to evolve. Painted this at home, couldn’t be bothered to paint in uni as I had all the materials at home and now that I’ve FINALLY got my easel and camera; NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! So expect a lot more this 2 months.