Sugar Lift etching

Inspired by our visit from Humphrey Ocean our guest lecturer Gwen decided to show us one of his etching techniques which we tried for ourselves later on. I chose to use my recent painting of my grandma as a source of inspiration for my composition. I really like the effect I got from the process, with sugar lift etching you never really get a perfect image but the outcome is great.


I try to stay away from painting more than one person as my perfectionist side would step in and I would end up spending months on one piece, not due to the level of difficulty; simply the fact that I’d hate painting it. So I decided to challenge myself, not only was I to paint a crowd I was to also paint it in oil. I focused on elements that I found easier to paint and for some reason I find it easier to paint hair, which most actually find harder to paint. From my study I found that I don’t need to paint a perfect portrait have the characteristics of the subject I’m painting, from the hair alone most of my uni friends were able to spot the characters with ease.